Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday - Some Pointers

It's Superbowl Sunday - but I'll bet there's quite a bit about the Superbowl you have not run across...

Start with the basics - the Official Superbowl Site at

Oh, and who's playing who? Why, it's the Colts up against Da Bears...

But, looks like...The Party's Over

Did you know that the NFL has been throwing its weight around to discourage big screen parties?? Apparently, mass viewings of the game violate copyright law...

Well, how about turning off those lights??

Officials in Nashville, Indiana, told fans to turn off the blue lights; yup, looks like these fans were in violation of some silly city ordinance...

Superbowl Myths and Truths

For some SUPERbowl myths, check out Snopes

And if you feel like busting some Superbowl legends, try this on for size.

Sick of the Superbowl?

Did you know there's a Superbowl flu making the rounds?

Worse yet, some academics who have WAY too much time on their hands have proven that watching the Superbowl increases your chance of becoming involved in an accident...

Superbowl Strategy? Fat that...

Finally, looks like the NFL has finally figured out that, no, bigger isn't always better - especially when big comes along with bloated, slow, and, well, downright dumb... The average weight of 20 teams has declined over the past year! And the weight of the average player has dropped by a full pound. More interesting still - the two teams playing in the Superbowl are the lightest teams in the league!!

Hey, told you some of this is going to be random.
Up next - Superbowl marketing (we do have to get back to biz... :-)

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