Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Genius of Superbowl Marketing

For several years now I've been tracking the genius of Superbowl marketing with my students. Here are some of the interesting sites and notes I've collected over time...

Tracking and voting on Superbowl commercials has become more fun than watching the game itself...

For the best coverage of Superbowl ads head over to

If you're looking for a reliable archive, iFilm has Superbowl Ads from 2002 to 2007; lots of other great features here such as Superbowl Classics as well as Banned Ads.

Most of us have fun with those ads, but some of us are downright critical...the New York Times thought this year (2007's) batch was too violent...

Experts never shy away from expressing their opinions on anything and everything, and Superbowl ads are no different. Here are some expert opinions on Superbowl ads then -

For the 2007 batch -

Businessweek's take on what the blogosphere has to say about the ads...

For 2006 ads:

Slate's take. (also links to commentary on 2004/2005 ads)

For 2003 ads:

Some more dribble from Businessweek.

And let's take a look at some of those top 10 lists -

Raw Prawn


(actually, those are the only two worthwhile listing here for you all)

btw, it's no longer just the Superbowl that's big business, hosting the superbowl has become a big business in and of itself.

Found some good Superbowl ad material? leave a comment.

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